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I started training with Tomas somewhat by accident.  Easygorun at the time was administering fitness tests and after showing up and speaking with Tomas, I was invited to try out the Easygorun training program.  Until then I had been a proudly solitary runner – your typical perhaps-a-few-kilos-too-many weekend warriox theessayclub.com huffing and puffing around the track, injury prone and unremarkable.

Tomas’s training regime introduced me to a completely new approach to running – one predicated on total variety and a healthy salad mix of speed, endurance and rest sessions, rest being the cherry tomatoes in the bowl.   The speed sessions were always rigorous and increasingly so towards the end of each 4 week training cycle.  The endurance sessions could be long (up to 25 km) but easy-paced to avoid muscle overload.   Most importantly for me, as a 45 year old, Tomas learned to adapt the program to ensure enough regeneration and recovery time after hard workouts to avoid injury, that ever-present, noisome and unwelcome guest in the legs of a 40-plus runner.

Tomas proved extremely attentive chiefessays.net theessayclub.com to my progress, co-planning races and even registering me in events he felt important to my development.  It was he who signed me up for the 2015 Masters World Championships in Lyon, as well as in a number of other Czech Republic-based races.

Tomas sees the best performances possible in his runners. He raises the bar as high as feasible and provides the training and attention needed to realize what otherwise would have been completely unrealistic goals.  Proof is in the pudding – in the past 3 years I’ve pulled my 5 km times down from the 19 minute range  to the high 16 minutes, my 1500’s from 4:50’s to 4:20’s and discovered a penchant for shorter distances I never knew I had.  It was Tomas who perceived the sprinter in me, coaching me to 2:06 sec 800s and sub 55 sec 400’s.

I’m very much indebted to Tomas’s attention and his Easygorun training plans. I would recommend Tomas’s services to anyone serious about setting and realizing goals.

Tariq, 45 year old American living in Prague







Trénink v s Tomášem mi v posledních sezonách pomáhá k neustále lepším výkonům. Velkým plusem je pro mě také možnost potkávat se s běžci a sportovci s různými přednostmi a díky tomu mimořádně těžit ze společných tréninků a aktivit.






I got in touch with Tomas back in mid-2015 for a couple of reasons: 1. I had some knee problems and had narrowed it down to it being a technique problem with my running, and even walking. 2. Having previously done some multi-sport and running, my knee problems had left me with 1.5 years of no training, weight gain etc. and ultimately I also needed some motivation and someone to push me to get back on track. I wanted to get my fitness back properly and safely, avoiding both over training and also poor form/technique.

In the past year I have worked with Tomas and am able to really summarise his strengths: He is flexible, amenable and as a coach he realises that motivation and the will and want to do things is just as important as your ability or fitness. Whether its taking my dog on the training sessions or changing a time at short notice he is always as flexible and accommodating as possible. He is not a dictator unless he needs to be, he will encourage you to push yourself and coax improvements from you that you just cannot do on your own. Being a strong runner, swimmer and rider himself you are not just working with someone who has completed some online courses in PT, he has been there and done it!

The future for me is my aim to complete New Zealand’s Coast to Coast race in 2018, having previously completed it in 2014. This time as more of a competitor than a participant. There is races along the way that I will do and ultimately it will be Tomas who gets me  to perform at my best possible ability. I have no doubt that he is the best possible person to do that!








Trénovať s Tomášom ma veľmi baví. Tréningy mi vždy nastaví na hrane mojích možností, takže ma motivuje a stále posúva ďalej k ich prekonávaniu. Výkonnostne
som sa výrazne posunula, taktiež sa vďaka trénerovi Tomášovi zmenil môj prístup k tréningu. Je skvelé mať tak silného a pokrokového trenéra, ktorý stojí pevne za mnou.