Personal training

Do you have certain performance goals in mind and need help getting there?  Maybe it’s to finish your first race, or qualify and compete in the big race you have in mind?

Have you hit a plateau in your training & racing, and looking for that extra edge to become more competitive & get on the podium?  These are personalized plans and offer greater communication with your coach!

Training Plans

Just getting started in endurance sports or maybe need a plan without all the bells & whistles from our personalized plans?

These plans are for you!  With plans for every budget, level & ability these will introduce you into the endurance sports lifestyle and get you to the healthier, happier and faster you!

Technique Coaching

Want to start out in Triathlon, or want to improve your Triathlon technique.


  • Swim Analysis – technique and drills
  • Bike Analysis – technique, threshold Heart Zones, threshold Power Output
  • Run Analysis – technique, Heart Zones and drills


What else do I provide?

One on one coaching

One on one personal coaching or consultation sessions allow athletes to train in specific areas (swim, bike, run, strength) on an hourly basis. This can be an ala carte addition to a current coaching package or can be a one off training or planning session. One on one coaching can also be focused on planning, training plan assessment goal development as a consultation.

Triathlon Swim Coach

Although the swim is the shortest distance in a tri, it can be the most challenging and create the most anxiety for triathletes. Stroke analysis and technique corrections are key to improving your strength, speed and endurance. Don’t just survive in the water, thrive!

Run Analysis

Proper running form is critical to getting faster and more importantly, injury prevention. A video analysis of your run form will help us to improve your run form.

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